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INFO AG has now become QSC AG

On the way to becoming one of the leading ITC providers for medium sized enter­prises, offering its customers all services from a single source and deliv­ering end-to-end quality, INFO AG has merged with QSC AG.

Please note our new business address.


08/06/2013 Merger of INFO AG with QSC AG concluded: QSC now offers one-stop shopping for the entire spectrum of ICT products and services

The merger of Hamburg-based INFO AG with QSC AG of Cologne went into force today upon entry in the Cologne Commercial Register. The INFO AG corpo­ration thus became defunct; nor will the INFO AG corporate name be continued. The primary domicile of QSC AG continues to be Cologne. The headquarters and locations of former INFO AG will remain in place. The new QSC AG is now one of the largest SME providers of one-stop shopping for ICT services in Germany.